Radio Stream Testimony

Dear Ev. Cliff,

I heard your program on Sunday 12/10, and received an unexpected blessing in your telling of Jesus being our personal Savior. As long as I have been saved I always heard the he is our personal Savior, but the personal part of the phrase has always been glossed over as just another work in that phrase. Your explanation of "certain" individuals addressed in the Word of God really put a special emphasis on Jesus truly being personal to each and every one of us that has heard and positively responded to His call.

My Family and I are in prayer for you and your ministry.

Hard that a critical member of your production staff is in need of prayer- he and his family are also in our prayers. Your team does a fantastic job in putting the program together.

God Bless you!


Dear Brother Lawton,

Thank you so much for your wonderful radio broadcasts, and thank you and Pastor Joe, an all other staff responsible for the web site. I'm not always able to listen live, but now that I can download the MP3 versions of the show I can fill up my IPod and listen to my heart's content, not to mention my spirits blessing.

Each and every show brings inspiration to me and I'm blessed with each listening. I encourage all your listeners to visit your web site and download these broadcasts to keep, and listen tot hem, any time they find themselves spiritually challenged, or whenever life is just getting them down.

Thank you again for your service to tucson, and God Bless you, your lovely wife Carol, and all the service and support staff that are involved in the weekly slice of pure delight.

Your's in Christ
Bob Perry