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The New Pastor's Study" is an Award-winning program that Pastor Bill Bowler started 20 years ago, and continues today, with many lives being changed through the Word of God, and some are even in Temple Baptist Church today! Our producer, Mo Niles, & Director, Bob Perry were reached through this medium.

It is a LIVE, one hour call-in program that has helped and won many souls to Christ.
It can be seen live:

1)Fridays at 8PM on COX 120 digital, Comcast 72

2)Sunday at 8AM on Cox 98 , Comcast 72

3)Real-Time Streaming at

We encourage you to view the program, and call in if you possibly can!
Of course this can be accessed around the world, and we have heard from soldiers in Iraq, and missionaries as well.
You can view recent telecasts!