March 19- Men's Barbecue at Bro. Bob Perry's!

       March 20th - Lord's Supper Sunday

        March 25th&26th- Youth activity at Peter Piper Pizza

       March 27th- "Resurrection Sunday"! Special Day, Special

         Music, Etc.

5/8- Mother's Day- Please come as we honor and remember our Mothers and Grandmothers!

5/21- Ladie's Luncheon at the church.

5/29- Memorial Day Sunday- Remembering those who have fallen in battle.

6/12- Anniversary Sunday and Open House- Join us for this wonderful day of Fellowship

6/19- Father's Day- A great time remembering Dads.

7/3- Pray for America Sunday

7/31- SUNDAY PM-WEST COAST BAPTIST COLLEGE Group with us for Sunday Night!